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First map is snowfall during the past 24 hours.
Please scroll down for map of approximate total snow on the ground right now.

Above: Total Snowfall, Past 24 hours,
Below: Total Snow Depth Map/Accumulation Chart - Natural snow on the ground today:

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The Fine Print Ski area, ski gear, skiing instruction and ski maintenance links, articles and opinions are provided for informational purposes only; know that equipment defects are not always visible and that settings and sizings can vary. Know that you may be injured, crippled or killed while skiing, and that it is something you do at your own risk. Know that skiers have been killed on the easiest slopes at the smallest, most family-friendly ski areas. Know that you are responsible for your own preparation and safety. If you are of the opinion that the ski industry is required to provide you with a safe experience and that you can sue everybody when something goes wrong, please stay home and watch TV. On the other hand, if you are willing to be responsible, prepare properly, and enjoy the thrill of hurling yourself down a frozen slope on narrow sliding boards, welcome aboard skierNet.com!

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