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Understand Tree Wells: Such a pretty evergreen, with so much untracked powder around it! Well, there’s a reason it’s untracked: Experienced powder skiers understand how deadly a tree well can be. click here for more information.

Condos & Cabins, House Rentals, Share Houses… start by reading a primer on the basics of short term vacation renting Key Things to Remember when Renting a Vacation Home on the website. And no, that’s not a typo, the “EL” part stands for Essential Listings. Who can keep track of all these internet acronyms? Regardless, this quick read will help anyone new to renting a ski house.

If you can live with just about anybody then you may be a candidate for a share house. This is exactly what it sounds like…you pay a portion of a seasonal rent, then you have a room in the house for the season. Or maybe not; some houses run half shares, quarter shares, every Nth weekend shares, etc. If you’re unfamiliar with the process, or think you might be inclined to look into it, google up “ski share house” and read as much as you can.

Gearing Up Cheap: Thinking of going the cheap way to gear up? Click here for some insight on purchasing ski equipment on Ebay. This is our own webpage, included here by popular demand.

Another way to save money on equipment is to buy online. If you’re leery of the mishmash on ebay, you’ll be pleased to know that you can buy all sorts of skis, boots, poles, wax, tune-up kits, racks — you name it — on good old Problem is, few people know this, and it isn’t all that easy to find the stuff on Amazon. So here it is, for your convenience: the official Ski Bum link to Amazon. Nice thing about Amazon is they discount the stuff, and you can return it if it doesn’t fit or isn’t right.

Incidentally, anytime you use this Amazon link for your regular shopping, a small percentage helps fund this website — at no additional cost to you. Helps us pay hosting fees, etc…and continue to bring you this website.

Utah-based SkiTrucks is one of the largest used equipment stores in the land. They put together used equipment packages, priced about the same as a yearly rental. And if you’re ever in Salt Lake City, it’s a must-visit.

Small, Throwback Ski Areas in New England Here’s a site that focuses exclusively on the under-one-thousand-feet club, those rope tow and t-bar areas that give you a huge amount of fun at a very small price. It’s appropriately titled

Lost Ski Areas, Ski Discussion Groups and Stuff

Lost ski areas are ski areas that have shut down and left to the elements. The leading site in this field is NELSAP, which focuses mostly on New England ski areas.

NELSAP has a discussion group, which focuses on lost ski areas but is also an excellent way to keep abreast on skiing news in the Northeast. It’s at

To go really deep into lost ski areas and ski history of the northeast, another site called is what you’re looking for. How thorough is this site? Just check out the “cancelled” ski area section, for everything from pipe dreams to under-construction areas that never saw the light of day. Also has significant historical data for fully operational ski resorts.

Other, more intense Discussion Forums can be found at Alpine Zone, which focuses on the Northeast, and at Teton Gravity Research, which has more of a western “big mountain” orientation. TGR also has a great forum for technicians.

A great resource for Mid-Atlantic and Southeast skiers can be found at DC Ski which is full of news and has a terrific regional forum community.

New Yorkers seem to enjoy the best of everything, and when it comes to state-specific ski guides, they’ve got that too. It’s Harvey’s NY Ski Blog which also has an energized forum community.

Lost ski areas of Colorado can be found at this website: Colorado Ski History which is full of great pictures and memories, kind of a NELSAP for the west.

Lost ski areas of Michigan has a small but strong following and a lot of info here at: MILSAP which stands for — you guessed it — Michigan Lost Ski Area Project. Great ski site whether or not you’re a Michigander.