Meet Our Team

  • Rick Bolger
    Rick first laced up a pair of old ski boots and tumbled down a hill in 1970. He pursued his newfound passion through a combination of Sussex County, NJ cornfields and an occasional trip to Ski Dutchess (now lost) in Beacon, NY. He graduated to the Vermont backcountry as a teenager, and ultimately developed a fondness for small, "hidden gem" type ski areas. Rick's frank and occasionally snarky reviews make a "go-to" website for U.S. ski resort intelligence.
  • Bill O'Hara
    Another lifelong skier, Bill got his start on the challenging slopes found in the wilds of the Philadelphia suburbs. Today he's our regular reviewer for Utah. An engineer by trade, Bill's reports are seldom fancy, but always informative and enlightening.
  • Liz Holste
    Author Elizabeth Holste is widely recognized as one of the foremost authorities on the history of skiing in the New York metro area. Liz writes the popular "Ski Babe" blog; she also contributes to our history oriented pages and is our key connection to the expanding universe of ski-related social media. Perhaps the only thing she enjoys more than being a guest speaker on ski history is clicking into her race skis and competing on the hill.
  • Bob Sisco
    Our Midwest Connection...Bob resides in Michigan, where he is currently teaching his grandson to ski, and teaching the rest of us that you don't need massive vertical to have a fabulous day on the slopes.