Winter Sports

This section of is your portal to the world of winter sports. From ski-joring to snowmobiling, the links below go to individual web pages that provide essential information, history, rules, and key links to get you started. Many of these pages have informative videos and graphics to help you better understand the sport. Please select your go!.


  • Bandy
    Kind of like field hockey on ice. Or ice hockey on a field, except frozen and with funny sticks. Wait, that's hockey...
  • Biathlon
    Combines cross-country skiing with target shooting. You always knew that, deep down, Nordies are somewhat edgy.
  • Bobsled
    Grandest of the winter sleighing sports.
  • Cross Country Skiing
    When Nordies really want to kick out the jams at a Nordic apres-ski party, they add nuts to the salad.
  • Curling
    Stones, brooms...did you know that Canada has a tv channel devoted 24/7 to curling? Well we don't know for sure but they probably do.
  • Ice Climbing
    Strap in, steel your nerves, start hacking.
  • Ice Skating
    It's more than just "kissing and crying," really it is.
  • Nordic Combined
    Nordies get a bad rap...the tight stretchy outfits, the skinny skis, the sunglasses outside the hat. In "Combined" they have to fly off those big ski jumps. When was the last time you tried that?
  • Ringette
    Another of those sports that looks like hockey, sounds like hockey, but is substantially different. Straight sticks, rubber rings, and rules that prevent the ladies from rushing the length of the ice á la Bobby Orr.
  • Ski-Bob
    They don't call it ski-bike because it doesn't have wheels, and "sitting on a bicycle frame with skis instead of wheels" just isn't catchy. So it's called ski-bobbing.
  • Ski Flying
    A lot like ski jumping but you need to be even crazier. We thought the Czechs did this to escape life behind the Iron Curtain, but it's been years since the Wall fell and they still do it so we have no explanation.
  • Ski Jumping
    The frightening side of Nordic skiing. It's more complex than you might expect.
  • Ski Paragliding
    The guy who thought this up was drinking at the time. Clearly.
  • Skitching
    What winter sport is A) illegal and B) tried by millions? Skitching.
  • Sledding
    It's more than just your old Flexible Flyer.